We have offices in 110 countries around the world; with the exception of a few years during the 1980s and 1990s we have been in Libya since 1957.

Our commitment to helping define the new Libya could not be stronger or more visible through all the projects and programmes we offer. Since reopening in 2011 (after six months of enforced closure during the revolution) we have significantly expanded our Tripoli operation with new staff and new programmes. We are fully committed to re-establishing our presence in Benghazi and elsewhere in Libya, as soon as we can. 

What we do

  • We work with teachers, inspectors, trainers and leaders in schools, vocational colleges and universities to improve English teaching across Libya’s education system.
  • We are one of the main organisations supporting the emergence of Libya’s arts sector.
  • We strengthen the engagement of women and young people in shaping the future of Libyan society through our programmes.
  • We help strengthen governance and leadership at Libyan universities and support their development through partnerships with UK institutions.
  • In all our projects we stress the opportunities offered by social media and online learning resources in Libya.

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