About this course

Learning English with the British Council can give your child that all important competitive edge. It will help them get better grades now and give them a better chance of getting in to the university of their choice.  

Better English will also give your child a window on the world. They will be able to enjoy music and films, and use social media to make and keep in touch with friends all over the world.

Why should I choose this British Council course?

Choose an English for Teens course and your child will:

  • get a qualified and experienced teacher
  • work in pairs and groups to practise their English and improve their social skills 
  • explore the world through a range of exciting topics and projects
  • develop their study skills and do better at school 
  • learn to love English.

The right level for your child

We have courses at Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level.

If your child is new to the British Council, they will need to take a placement test to find out which level is right for them. Book a test by calling or by visiting the Tripoli teaching centre

How will your child's progress be assessed?

We use continuous assessment to measure progress and encourage students to play an active part in this process.

Your child will build up a portfolio of written work, and at the end of each term they receive a certificate of achievement.

Calendar and fees

Choose an English for Teens course and your child will have classes twice or three times a week. Please see below for details of course days, times and fees.To see our term dates for the year please visit Our Teaching Centre and look at the annual Calendar.

Class timetables

See days, times and fees for English for Teens courses

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 15.50-17.20
Monday and Wednesday 15.50-18.15