Language assessment designed for your needs

The British Council has over 80 years’ experience in language teaching and testing worldwide.

Our work in language assessment is headed by leading experts in the field and has a comprehensive research agenda. Drawing on this knowledge and experience, our assessment solutions consultancy service offers assessment support of an international standard.

Our Assessment Solutions Team works with ministries and educational institutions to advise on and support assessment initiatives and projects. We work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, from policymakers to teachers, to ensure alignment of assessment within the local education systems and deliver positive impact.

We do this by:

  • providing assessment-related training
  • evaluation of existing assessment systems
  • implementing quality assurance practices
  • supporting the delivery and operations of large-scale testing projects
  • advising on the design and development of sustainable localised assessment systems
  • alignment of assessment tools to the Common European Framework of Reference and other frameworks.

We are committed to the sustainability of projects by supporting the capacity building of local teams to be able to create assessments at an international standard.