In the ancient city of Jalu, nestled amidst the expansive Libyan desert, an ambitious initiative unfolded under the stewardship of the Libyan Film Cultural Organization. The "Women Behind the Camera" project emerged as a pivotal endeavour aimed at empowering aspiring filmmakers, with a particular focus on women, within this culturally rich yet traditionally conservative community.

Initiated by the Libyan Film Cultural Organization, the project was conceived as a response to the gender disparities prevalent within the local film industry. Recognizing the imperative to foster inclusivity and opportunity, the organization meticulously devised a comprehensive strategy to dismantle entrenched barriers through strategic partnerships and rigorous training programs.

At the beginning of the project, an intensive recruitment drive was initiated in Jalu, utilizing various communication channels to attract potential participants.

As the sun cast its radiant glow upon the horizon, participants congregated eagerly within designated venues across Jalu for the commencement of workshops. Carefully structured into pre-production, production, and post-production segments, these sessions provided a comprehensive immersion into the multifaceted realm of filmmaking.

Guided by seasoned mentors, participants delved into the intricacies of scriptwriting, cinematography, sound design, editing, and other indispensable facets of the cinematic craft. Practical exercises and immersive activities facilitated the application of theoretical concepts, nurturing technical proficiency and engendering a profound appreciation for the art of storytelling.

Beyond the workshop confines, strategic collaborations with institutions in diverse cities facilitated the showcasing of films produced by project participants. These film exhibitions served as platforms for aspiring filmmakers to share their cinematic endeavours with a broader audience, fostering dialogue and cultural exchange within the community.

As the project drew to its culmination, its profound impact on participants and the broader community became palpable. Twenty beneficiaries, comprising fifteen females and five males, emerged from the program imbued with enhanced skills and unwavering confidence. Equipped with the knowledge garnered from workshops, they stood poised to embark upon careers within the film industry or establish entrepreneurial ventures within the realm of cinematic expression.