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The Hammamet Conference Series is an international platform for dialogue and progress in relations between the UK and North Africa. It brings together new and established leaders from the worlds of business, civil society, media and government to engage in dialogue, build new relationships and identify actionable solutions to critical issues.

The network comprises Hammamet Fellows and Hammamet Strategic Partners who are leaders in their respective professions, and include foremost thinkers in policy making, civil society, business, think tanks, universities, entrepreneurs, artists and media. Each is carefully chosen for their capacity to inform the outputs of the Hammamet Conference Series and to offer groundbreaking, innovative recommendations that will also build trust and understanding between the nations represented. 

The Series has two key components, these are; the annual conference, help and ongoing dialogue.  Held annually and forming the centre piece of the Series, and the year round global network for debate and dialogue which is called the Hammamet Conversation.

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