The Artists

Aya Mohamed Keskeso, 22 years old, 4th year architecture school , interested in team working,civil society, and women's rights. 

With passion in art and design; got myself into challenging works ,love to help others by my drawing/design even just positive vibes by looking at them, currently work as artist assistant at Habka Magazine (first of its kind in Libya, Comic and Manga art).

The Work

The project is an Art exhibition named " ARRA" "أرى" would make a print I believe in Libya's art:It's showing people who don't appreciate/know about creative/pure talent visual Libyan artists from different parts of the country. Either,  connecting artists together. This I believe the new version of arts could make a new different Libya by the power of young artists. 


Name of Artists participated in ARRA Exhibition 


The exhibition included eight categories and each category has its participants:

  • Comic and Manga:

Mohammed Bashir, Abdullah Hadeya, Ayman al-Susi, Majd eldeen Hassi,

  • Graphic and Calligraphy

Albohli, Mohammed Bulifa, Esra Hassi

  • Graphic Design:

Mohammed Lafi, Hussein Al- Alakhdar, Muftah El-Msalaty 

  • Contemporary Art / Modern:

Malak Alabbar, Ghaith Subaya, Moada al-Obeidi 

  • Pixel Art / Doodle:

Sarah Bader, Malek Hadad, Munir Warfali

  • Three-dimensional design:

Al-Mutassim Salama

  • Films and animation:

Ali Zgdani, Ali Delaks, Khairy Shaaban, Monsef Al Mansouri, Raed Nasser

  • Photography:

Ahmed Botalaq


Moada Obeidi, Aya Keskeso, Nora Eljerbi                                * Visual Arts and the mirror *

Noureddine Alhuni, Fatoom Alfallah                                           * Magazines associated with the visual arts *

Abdullah Hadeya, Ahmed Botalaq, Al-Mutassim Salama        * Experience with art *

Malek Haddad, Hussain Alakhdar, Munir Warfali                        * Exploitation of the arts than just a hobby to a career *

Mohammed Deeb, Ali Delaks, Mohammed Salama                * Filmmaking in Libya *

These discussions were to support the main objective of the exhibition and display problems and experiences and interact with the public

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