The Artist

Rawan Muntaser, a Student at Tripoli University: Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Interested in arts of all forms especially Calligraphy, Abstract Art and Photography.

The Work

Aura is a Visual Arts Exhibition held In Tripoli, Libya. The Exhibition has combined the artworks of 10 Talented Libyan Artists, Artists of Aura are diverse, bold, passionate and Ambitious. All these characteristics are exactly what Aura is about different energies, vibes: conflicted, different, vivid, unique, even lost all in one room and under one roof. Aura should inspire, remind us as Humans –no other label- that we’re not that different and that we should all respect and embrace each others’ differences like our own

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Names of artists participating in Aura (their art form of Visual Arts):

  • Takwa Barnosa (Painting, Arabic\Islamic Calligraphy) 
  • Rawya Hussain Elkikle (Painting, abstract)
  • Salem Bahron (Graphic Design, illustration)
  • Basma Zubi (water-color Painting, illustration)
  • Nada Allam (water-color Painting, Comical illustrations)
  • Mohammed Gadi (drawing, concept art, Graphic Design) 
  • Mohammed Ellafy (Graphic Design)
  • Nada Harib (Photography)
  • Alla Buddabus (Graphics, Popular Culture Art)
  • Rawan Jalal Al-Muntaser, myself (Abstract Art Painting, Calligraphy)

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