The Artists

Libyan Printmakers Centre was established in 2013, Its main purpose is to provide a platform for artist-printmakers to pursue their work and to broaden their knowledge of printmaking media,  and to increases the public’s understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and print media.

The founding members of Libyan Printmakers Center:

  • Artist: Mohammed Barka (founder and president).
  • Artist:Abdularaoof Abaya‎‏، (Member)
  • Artist: Mohamed Kharroubi (Member).
  • Artist: Adel Burgeeg (Member).

The work 

is a series of lectures and visual art performances

Lecture 1: Presentation and analysis of a short animation by Ahmed Baroudi

The film tells the story of the difference between life and living, and falling into the trap of boredom of the job, interspersed with a discussion about the content of the film and the skills of photography and output.

Lecture 2: The painter Andrew White, his life and the most important works by the artist Ahmed Ghamari

In the centennial of the birth of the American artist Andrew White, highlighting the life and the most important work and color technology that characterized him. It also addresses the impact of his contemporaries and his role in laying the features of American art

Lecture 3: The art of the poster is presented by the professional designer Wael Raaoubi

In this lecture, Raaoubi presents the art of the poster in an innovative way, illustrating the origin, development and artistic foundations of the poster, its main types and its relation to plastic art. This lecture develops visual culture and promotes the concept of art in the spirit of the times

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