Linataawan is a Libya-based project designed to provide a range of support to Civil Society Organisations across the country.


The objective of the project is to strengthen the systems that enable Libyan citizens to participate in local development and local decision making. It does so by empowering civil society actors to participate in decision-making processes.


The two outcomes of the project are: 

  1. Identifying and improving the technical capacities, the effectiveness and the accountability of Libyan Civil Society Organisations.
  2. Increasing awareness of citizens, local authorities, and policymakers about Civil Society Organisations’ role as partners in local development, planning, delivery, and monitoring. 

To achieve the above outcomes, the project will: 

  • Strengthen the institutional, organisational, and technical capacities for Civil Society Organisations, 
  • Support municipal capacities to increase civic engagement,
  • And facilitate knowledge sharing and raising public awareness of Civil Society Organisations initiatives and successes.  

Main strands 

The project provides capacity building and grants to support Civil Society Organisations, local institutions and municipalities in strengthening participation in decision making.

Capacity building

So far, the project has consulted with Civil Society Organisations from across Libya, who have been invited to participate in capacity building programmes that will enable them to apply for funding from the project.

Resources for Civil Society Organisations

The project has also launched a resource centre in Benghazi in May 2021 where Civil Society Organisations and community actors can get support and advice, as well as access physical resources, including computers and printers. Plans for similar services in Tripoli and Sebha are also underway.

For information about the resource centre in Benghazi, please email

Our Partners  

Linataawan is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by British Council Libya in partnership with ACTED and CILG-VNG International.

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