Linataawan engages and supports CSOs in playing an active role in local development in collaboration with local authorities, tribal leaders, citizen groups, and other community actors. The program has successfully ensured meaningful CSO engagement on issues of concern to citizens, which has led to targeted and effective projects that benefit the community.

Stakeholder working groups were formed to identify the priority concerns of citizens in target communities. Through these groups, CSOs will work on shaping their projects according to the specific needs of their community. After agreement on issue-based social action projects, the programme provides financial assistance to implement them.

CSO projects will work on ranging from awareness-raising campaigns to community outreach initiatives and participation in local decision-making processes. These projects will be tied to public policies and programmes in the target communities and aimed to improve services at the local community level. CSOs will engage with their local government offices and structures to proactively liaise with them and ensure that community needs are met.

At Linataawan we believe that CSOs play an active role in local development and decision-making processes. Through collaboration with local authorities, tribal leaders, and other community actors, the programme has ensured that CSOs have a seat at the table and a voice in issues affecting their community.


Success story