Linataawan launched Resource Centres in Benghazi and Tripoli, providing incubation support to local civil society organizations (CSOs). These Resource Centres were established to build the capacity of CSOs by providing them access to information, training, and resources. The centres were designed to address the needs of the CSOs and their programmes and ensure the project's sustainability even after it has ended.

The Resource Centres serve as a local hub for the CSOS and offer ICT equipment, meeting and workshop venues, and information on funding and partnership opportunities. They are equipped with modern facilities that meet the needs of the CSOs, including a co-working space that allows for collaboration and networking among members.

Linataawan recognizes the importance of empowering local CSOs by providing them with the necessary resources to achieve their objectives. The Resource Centres were designed to provide a supportive environment where CSOs could work towards their goals and build their capacity. The centres offer training programmes to enhance CSO members' skills, and provide them  with access to essential resources such as computers, internet access, and meeting rooms.

The Resource Centres were established in Benghazi and Tripoli, two of the most populous cities in Libya, to ensure that the CSOs in these areas have access to the necessary resources to carry out their work effectively. The centres were strategically located in areas that were easily accessible to the CSOs they serve, and they provided a safe and conducive environment for CSO members to work in. Linataawan's Resource Centres are instrumental in building the capacity of local CSOs in Libya. They provide a supportive environment where CSOs can access information, training, and resources to help them achieve their objectives. The Resource Centres serve as a hub for collaboration and networking among CSO members, and they contribute to developing a more resilient and sustainable civil society sector in Libya.

Linataawan is also developing an online resource platform parallel to the Resource Centres. The platform aims to provide access to various materials related to CSO organizational development, including guides, templates, and training manuals. The platform will also feature sectorial and thematic studies produced by CSOs, donor organizations, and implementing partners.

The online resource platform will be designed to reach more CSOs across Libya, not only those in Tripoli and Benghazi. The platform will be  accessible to CSOs nationwide and provide many resources to support their development. Through proactive outreach to donors, implementers, and CSO partners, all the materials were collected to be shared on the platform.

In addition to the training materials, the online resource platform provides information on funding, employment, and volunteering opportunities. This information must be regularly updated to ensure CSOs can access the latest opportunities. The platform will serve as a one-stop-shop for all CSO-related information, making it easier for them to access the resources they need to build their capacity and improve their effectiveness.

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