Linataawan conducted consultation meetings with local CSOs in Libya’s three main regions (east, west, and south). The meetings aimed to introduce the project, build partnerships, and gather information about the challenges, opportunities, and capacity development needs faced by CSOs.

The consultation meetings were crucial in informing the tailored organizational development support design. Linataawan recognized the importance of building a cadre of local 'master trainers' in CSO organizational development to ensure the sustainability of their project. Thus, they developed two "Training of Trainers" (TOT) programs that aimed to equip the participants with the necessary technical and programmatic skills and finance and administration knowledge.

The TOT program was divided into two main parts to ensure that the participants received a comprehensive education. The first part focused on technical and programmatic skills, while the second focused on finance and administration. A total of 60 participants from the three main regions of Libya attended the program, and they were expected to pass on the knowledge and skills they acquired to other members of their respective CSOs.

The CSOs that participated in the training sessions had the opportunity to apply for 'learning' grants. These grants aim to help them put their skills into practice and complement the theoretical knowledge they acquired during the training sessions. Up to 30 grants, with a maximum amount of €10,000 each, were awarded to CSOs across Libya's three main regions. The grant recipients received ongoing coaching and support from the project team and TOT graduates at all phases of the project cycle.

Linataawan's project not only aims to build the capacity of local CSOs but also to strengthen the partnerships between the CSOs and other stakeholders involved in promoting sustainable development in Libya. By building a network of skilled CSOs, Linataawan hopes to contribute to the development of a more resilient and sustainable civil society sector in Libya.

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