The Linataawan project, spanning from December 2019 to December 2023, was initiated with the goal of bolstering the capabilities and backing of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) across Libya. Its primary objectives are twofold:

  1. Enhance the technical proficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of Libyan CSOs.
  2. Heighten awareness among citizens, local authorities, and policymakers regarding the pivotal role of CSOs as collaborative partners in local development, planning, delivery, and oversight.

The Linataawan team adopted a comprehensive strategy, targeting three key areas to achieve their objectives:

  1. Fortifying the institutional, organizational, and technical capacities of CSOs through tailored capacity-building programs, Training of Trainers sessions, and small learning grants to implement community-centric projects.
  2. Offering incubational assistance to emerging CSOs and establishing physical Resource Centers in Tripoli and Benghazi to furnish necessary infrastructural support for CSO initiatives.
  3. Promoting civic engagement within communities by augmenting municipal capacities through tangible initiatives conducted in collaboration with CSOs and citizens.

Throughout its tenure, the Linataawan project orchestrated over 150 diverse workshops, reaching out to more than 550 Civil Society Organizations across various regions of Libya. Key advancements of the Linataawan project include:

  • Funding 61 projects aimed at fostering localized development.
  • Co-establishing 2 Resource Centers in Benghazi and Tripoli through collaborative efforts with local entities.
  • Successfully executing 6 pilot projects in collaboration with municipalities.
  • Establishing a network of 22 mobile trainers spanning Libya.
  • Providing support for 10 initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration between civil society organizations and municipalities, thereby bolstering cooperation among local entities.

Linataawan reach in Libya