Since its establishment in 2012, Amazonat Libya organization has been working on empowering women in the city of Benghazi. They have undertaken several projects to enhance the capacities of women in various fields. The organization also works on reducing gender-based violence through awareness initiatives and campaigns targeting different segments of society.

In their words, “The Libyan Amazonat symbolizes the historic concept of the strong, effective and smug women that have once lived on this land. We demand an independent, conscious woman who effectively participates in building a better Libyan society at all scientific, cultural, social and institutional aspect.”

Through the Linataawan project, Amazonat Libya organization has opened an early childhood care centre, aiming to affirm and support working mothers in various fields in Benghazi. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with the National Authority for the Care of Gifted and Talented Individuals and the Excellence Center in Benghazi.

The project went through several stages. In the first stage, a case study questionnaire was prepared to identify working mothers in the National Authority for the Care of Gifted and Talented Individuals and the Excellence Center in Benghazi, along with their children. They were involved in the process of preparing the nursery centre.

In the second stage, childcare providers, psychologists, social workers, and a health supervisor were targeted. Intensive training courses lasting 15 days were provided to them. The first course focused on proper care for nursery-aged children, basic medical first aid for children, and promoting child skills and behaviour through play.

The nursery centre was fully prepared and renovated in the third and fourth stages. It consists of two rooms, a bathroom, and a small courtyard. The nursery centre was equipped with materials and supplies suitable for children aged 3 months to 4 years. The nursery centre was handed over to the management of the National Authority for the Care of Gifted and Talented Individuals and the Excellence Center in a grand opening ceremony attended by employees, interested individuals, and invitees concerned with childcare, children's rights, women's rights, media personnel, and stakeholders.

The project aims to activate Article 26 of the third chapter of the Labour Law of 2010, which focuses on women's employment. Its purpose is to alleviate the burdens faced by working mothers, hinder their career development, and reduce any negative impact on their productivity. Women constitute a significant portion of the workforce in state institutions.

Moreover, the project aims to provide a model nursery for the children of working women, focusing on their preparation during the crucial first four years. The nursery ensures a safe environment under the supervision of highly trained professionals, allowing the mother to work without the financial burden of additional expenses affecting her monthly income. The nursery is conveniently located in proximity to the working mothers, ensuring their peace of mind and the child's well-being.